read the original study……

Now the article speculates that musicians use both hands – therefore, both sides of their brain. Sorta makes sense – for some instruments anyway. But what about voice? And it also speculates “reading music is left brained – the interpretation of music is right brained” – well, what about those of use who stink at reading music? Heck, I -want- this to be why I’m a “divergent thinker” – but that… can’t be the reasons behind it. I think they should test people who can touch type – two handed, reading, interpeting, etc — no, there’s something more to do with the mathematics of music, the timing, the merging of ear, brain, hands (or voice) and the FOCUSED attention to the process (it’s like an “active meditation” when I get to playing intensely) – there’s more to it than using both hands simultaneously. Now I have to read the original study…… “

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