Read it as a teenager, in my 20s, in my 30s and in my 40s. I liked bits of it, but it’s not my scene. Never was. Political gaming is as ridiculous now as it was when I was young.

Read it as a teenager, in my 20s, in my 30s and in my 40s. I liked bits of it, but it’s not my scene. Never was. Political gaming is as ridiculous now as it was when I was young.


You gotta understand: I’m from the 80s. One Minute Manager, getting ahead in business, how to dominate your enemy type stuff. I’ve read them and anybody I’ve talked to that buys into that stuff feels they have some spooky inside knowledge of the gears and machinery of the world.

My thing is: do it without the spookiness Then I might be impressed.


Fourth wheel turning, talk of Kissinger’s predictions, or that Russian dude that chews Putin’s ear off… all spooky wookey. Those are the prophet followers.

On the other hand, you get the political memers that have a touch of Dawkins under their belt. But it’s not long before noticing the same patterns, just this time with crowd-sourcing.

It’s not that it doesn’t have effects: it does of course. But they all lack one key bit of info: most people have regular lives not devoted or tuned in.

Grab a headline or meme, get on with life Most politics turn out to be just like mom or dad’s or classmates, add in life experience and introspection for the rest.


But here’s MY bias: I see things in terms of religion.

Religion in a general sense.

“a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance.
“consumerism is the new religion””

So, that’s from where I hang my hat.


So, if I know the importance Art of War has for you, I have insight into your religion, which may not have a name.

From there, I can infer what opinions you might hold or what perspectives you may see from, the lenses which colors your reality.

But, I don’t claim to have a lens-free view. Maybe you do. Maybe everybody does but me. This is just the lens through which I view reality.


I think “Know Thyself” is rule #1 in most workable religions – even if your goal is to forget yourself – and I find it’s possibly the greatest war of all.


I’ve seen some, yes. Are we fodder for the gods? I don’t think so.

Nobody’s behind the curtain but get 3 or more humans together focused on a thing and something grand or awful starts happening between them: a fourth imaginary person emerges that is none of them individually and gathers a live of its own.

Saw that since I saw a kid. Avoided groups of 3 or more. There’s something really strange that happens between them that’s invisible and I can’t fight alone.

I also avoid getting into groups of 3 or more for the same reason: that ‘someone else’ that emerges is sometimes wonderful but often not.

So, I don’t believe memes have a life of their own, no, although it certainly seems that they do. Solution is individuals. Friendship. One-on-one. Reason. It works, if slowly.


Oh, I deal with them and memes are useful That was 3rd grade me talking, prior to my shields and tools coming up for defense.

Around 8 yrs old, our social awareness usually kicks in. It’s overwhelming and each learns to navigate in their own ways, forming their social weapons and defenses, their weaknesses that they defend at any cost and their strengths, which they take for granted and don’t usually ‘see’ properly until early adolescence at the earliest but can take a lifetime to learn, if at all.

That’s another clue to my schematics: My blueprints are open, defenses down: I see things developmentally, human-centric, psychological.


I’m also bottom-up. What I’m doing right now is giving you the pieces to reach to your level.

Example: Imagine taking a collection of “groups-of-3″ from which a 4th emerges.

That 4th is informed by and engaged with (through the activities of the group-of-3 feeding it) other 4ths from other places, similar messages reaching and informing, for better or worse.

But all still remain individuals in the endpoints. Each group-of-3 also has its own character and flavor. Memes shift and change and modify within the group-of-3 and are sent back out to other groups-of-3, hitting other individuals who modify in their groups and sent it back out again changed again.

I’m simplifying of course, but this is the level I see memetics functioning, and society’s workings in general.

Are their hierarchies? Perhaps so, perhaps not. But none function imo without the 4ths, for sans the 4ths you have the possibility of rational thought, introspection, comparison, throwing it away.


I’m giving this to you so you can map my topology onto yours and/or yours onto mine. I know you think at a higher level than many, so providing you these tools will assist in communication.


Star topology with an invisible central computer. That invisible central computer can be used to communicate with other invisible central computers. Those LANs form networks of varying topologies.

What’s being communicated across those networks? Perhaps the memeplex.


Is the memeplex alive? Well, I consider it “global brain”, so I’d say so. Whether it’s internet or 1500 yrs ago through other communication means, I don’t think it’s functionally much different.

Of course, I’m also aware that I’ve taken the technology I understand and applied it to explain something that is made of different components and may operate differently.


Cooperative while also inhibitive. Affordances: How can [x] configure itself to make a ‘good use’ of its surroundings?


Cooperative while also inhibitive. Affordances: How can [x] configure itself to make a ‘good use’ of its surroundings and itself?


Oh crap. Just a few clicks away I found the current political climate.

Or – “any port in a storm”, even though the storm is not the real storm. Ugh.


“Ecological traps are scenarios in which rapid environmental change leads organisms to prefer to settle in poor-quality habitats. The concept stems from the idea that organisms that are actively selecting habitat must rely on environmental cues to help them identify high-quality habitat. If either the habitat quality or the cue changes so that one does not reliably indicate the other, organisms may be lured into poor-quality habitat. “



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