Re-integrating Google Voice with Sprint Phone – *28 does not work. Use both *73 and *74

You used to have your Sprint phone set up without Sprint integration.  When you upgraded phones, you enabled integration, which is too easy to do if you don’t carefully read the instructions and the prompts.
To be clear:  you now have a Google Voice account with a Google Voice telephone number issued to you by Google.
You also have a Sprint mobile phone number, and it sounds like you selected one of the two options for Sprint integration.
Under integration, you decide one time, which phone number to use for all outbound calling, during setup.  You cannot select it on a per-call basis…which is what you want instead.
You can back out of this and start over to get what you want.  Follow these instructions carefully, in order, and fully read every message that pops up to be sure you make the right choice.
  1. On your mobile phone, if you have an Android or iPhone, sign out of the Google Voice mobile app.  Wait a few minutes, then power your phone off, then on again.
  2. Dial *38 on the phone, to disable Google Voice mail, wait for the beep tones and hang up.  Set the phone aside for now.
  3. From a computer’s web browser, not from your Sprint mobile phone, disable Sprint integration.  Read these instructions and follow the correct choice, depending on what you previously set up:  Disabling Google Voice on Sprint – Google Voice Help
  4. Now, delete your Sprint phone number from your Google Voice account.  It needs to be completely gone.  Log off of GV and log back in again.
  5. Add your Sprint phone back again by clicking the “add another phone” link on this page:
  6. When you add it, do not select one of the two options to integrate your Sprint phone with GV; just add it as if it was from some non-Sprint carrier..
  7. Set up Google Voicemail if you haven’t done so already (record your name, greeting and set a PIN).
  8. Click the “Enable Voicemail” link under your phone number on the web page, and follow the instructions to key in the string on your phone to enable Conditional Call Forwarding to your GV number.
  9. Now, sign into the mobile Voice app on your phone.  Read the choices carefully, and SKIP the option to integrate.
  10. You should now be able to select whether or not to use GV on a per-call basis.


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