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I like the idea of a “pen pal” environment – that takes care of the larger community sizes or multiple communities. I’m thinking of the process too –the reason why I mention room by room. it starts out with an idea. Then some funding to get it started. then the first bedroom, and the start of community centers. You gather other people. Their rooms are built. Start it off right, so yo udon’…t run into issues later on. You could host retreats to raise additional capital. (school trips, weekend learning sessions0 – it owuld ALMOST be like a summer camp but year round and people lived there. Now it’s reminding me of an RV park — HEEEEEEEYYYYY – THAT’S IT! Use existing technology and existing resources: Buy an old campground to start! plumbing is there. Get trailers here and there, fix them up. The community centers are already there – the bui… “

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