Raw clove of garlic and a swig of orange juice – instant cold cure!

I don’t know exactly what it does internally (a release of nitric oxide perhaps) – but eat a raw clove of garlic with a swig of orange juice or tomato juice (anything with a ton of Vitamin C in it) and the burn you feel from the raw garlic will immediately STOP when the orange juice hits it.

And it seems to boost the immune system tremendously. (plus it give you a “happy” feeling).

I’ve seen some reports online about garlic + vitamin c but only in difficult to understand medical journals.

Perhaps somebody who write for prevention or woman’s world will put it all together in a way that works. (and it only seems to work with the raw garlic – not canned/jarred) – and only for that release of that enzyme that you get within the first 15-30 seconds of biting into a garlic clove.

Kenneth Udut Naples Florida USA Feb 20, 2009 — been doing this for about a year now.

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