Ravishing Doctor Who, feminism, 50 shades of gray and hard rolls.

I’m from New Jersey. You may be one of the few (being from NY) who actually knows that “Joisey” is not a NJ accent and you know where it’s really from. [unless its upstate NY in which case you know Apples very well. All kinds of Apples in fact]

Been in Florida for 13 years. Finally managed to snag a hard roll with butter. Lazy bakers kept trying to convince everybody “It’s the water and that’s why they can’t do it”.

No, it’s more flour. [and maybe steam in the oven if you want it to get that NJ/NY roll extra “crunch” factor]. *sigh* Where’s my ship? I’m thinking TARDIS. Doctor Who can be my Calgon. “TIme Lord, take me awaaaay…” [it was only today that I saw the connection between 50 shades of gray, romance novels in general, knights in shining armor, disney, and my lifelong love of Doctor Who. Oh well. I can handle it.

The link word is: Ravish. Forcible removal from known-lfe-context is another. But I think my foray into feminist reinterpretation may have reached a new low or peak today. Oh well

Actually, this may be more of a CJ directed post as well. I forget who is the cunning linguist.

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