rash. Most people say that…

I never took physics really either, just an amateur interest. You’re right about Time – time is the measure between events – if nothing happens, we don’t get the sense of time passing. One of the things I’ve been finding out is 1) Time is even more mysterious to science than even Gravity 2) one of the puzzles that science alone may never solve is our PERCEPTION of time, although they have found …a kind of “clock” in our brains that regulates all sorts of bodily things and might be related to how birds navigate. True about the trip home thing – I think it’s that anxiousness to “get there” (especially to a new place you’ve never been to before) that makes our brains take lots and lots of photographs of the new surroundings, looking for a street sign, a house number, a landmark. look at traumatic things – like a car crash. Most people say that… “

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