Call it Quantum and you get people to go “oooh!”.  sigh

I read this.  Interesting read.  Looks very useful.  COULD it be called Quantum annealing?  Sure.  But it could also be called, *”HEY LET’S USE 2 VARIABLES instead of 1 in the height dimension and make it shakey (quantum) so then we get…


I hate BS wrapped up in spooky fundable terms like Quantum and Spin Glass (everybody loves Spin Glass now – all the rage; I like it too because it has… MEMORYYYY PROPERTIESSS…. just like USSSSSSssss”…. [ so do a lot of things that we humans have  trouble writing the formulas to get math to predict … because _MATH is fundamentally one dimensional itself … ya-know… the *number line?  – and we get all spooked over Pi because it’s circle drawn in TWO DIMENSIONSS…….. and doesn’t fit in 1 dimension and cracks the number line.  duh . ]

Not knocking math or the research… just the spookiness factor of it.  It’s still cool but JUST CALL IT RANDOMIZED at key points instead of quantum and skip the BS.


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