Radioshack should’ve done the Gamestop thing.

Strange thing about Radio Shack; I loved them dearly for years. But… even though I could get ALL THAT STUFF I pined after for dirt cheap… I… just don’t want to now. If I need a weird connector (the only reason I ever went there anyway), there’s online + free shipping.

Their downfall was in the mid 90s when they gave up on selling computers, or inventing Video game systems, installing car radios or installing watch batteries. Jumping on the cellphone bandwagon was smart but they were kinda late in the game. They missed out COMPLETELY on Gamestop: If they went into the video game sales/rental business on the side, they’d have done fine.

But I was wrong there too: I predicted the death of Electronics Boutique but NEVER predicted the rise of Gamestop…because the status of the videogame industry was… crap for a long time ’til the XBox, Playstation, Wii revolution came along and brought it back to life.

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