Radio Shack Files Bankruptcy. Kenneth Udut sad but not surprised. Achieved many dreams through their help.

Sigh. Radio Shack files bankruptcy. More nostalgia than anything for me as they really haven’t been so useful for me for a long time. Their demise is no surprise – they kept losing their focus. I worked for them for a short time in the early 1990s, which was oddly enough fulfillment of a dream I had in the early 1980s; middle-school Ken loved Radio Shack and vowed, “Someday, I WILL work here!”. I knew “the nerd” in those awful 80s TV commercials for Radio Shack was a lot like me and I was fine with it.

[With the Tandy Color Computer 2, then the Tandy 1000 TL computers, PC-Link, Deskmate, and my whole introduction to the Internet as it was in the late 80s, it was significant for me at the time]

And so I worked there for a short time. Once dream fulfilled, I moved on.

Always had simple dreams and achieved them all so far. Never was a BIG dreamer (peace on earth and all that), but I’ve always been a frequent dreamer. Achievable dreams I guess.

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