July 27, 1988

FORT WORTH, Texas–Radio Shack, a division of Tandy Corporation, today
announced PC-Link, an online communications service designed to enhance the
utility of Tandy computers and PC-compatibles at the low monthly rate of $9.95
for unlimited usage between designated hours.

Provided by Quantum Computer Services in Vienna, Va., PC-Link is the first
online service to utilize Tandy’s distinctive DeskMate graphical user
interface. The user navigates easily through the service using a series of
pull-down menus and pop-up dialogue boxes rather than typed commands. By
simply adding a modem to the computer, the user has instant access to a wealth
of information and services.

PC-Link members receive their first month of usage free and have unlimited
access to a wide array of online services including an encyclopedia updated
quarterly, national news and weather reports, stock quotes, information direct
from leading software publishers, entertainment news and reviews, travel
reservation services, electronic shopping and much more. Unlimited use between
the hours of 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. local time, and all day weekends and holidays,
is covered by a flat monthly rate of $9.95 with access to the service
available 24 hours a day.

Of particular interest to Tandy computer users is the Tandy Hotline, which
allows customers to ask questions about their Tandy PCs and receive answers
directly from Radio Shack Customer Service. This feature can be especially
useful to beginning computer users.

Also available from the Tandy Headquarters area of PC-Link is information on
new products, upgrades, hardware and software tips, education news, a Tandy
user group directory and a monthly user group newsletter.

PC-Link members have the option of selecting the premium PC-Link Plus Service,
which is available at the low rate of 10 cents per minute, and includes
“auditoriums” for live conferences, live academic tutorial sessions and
classes for children as well as adults, an electronic mail service, special
interest groups, interactive games and software publisher’s forums.

Additionally, all PC-Link members receive PC-Link Update, a monthly
publication containing information on the latest service enhancements,
additions and all activities occurring on the service. It also contains
detailed listings of nightly conferences and online events.

PC-Link is incorporated into Tandy’s new DeskMate 3.0 software which is
bundled with the Tandy 1000 SL and TL personal computers. A stand-alone
version of PC-Link (Cat. No. 25-1255), with a suggested retail price of
$29.95, includes a run-time version of DeskMate 3.0 and runs on any PC-
compatible computer. PC-Link is also included in the stand-alone version of
DeskMate 3.0 (25-1250), which has a suggested retail price of $99.95.

Each DeskMate 3.0 package includes a PC-Link Connect Guide containing a
password and a directory of more than 600 local access telephone numbers. The
first time a user signs onto PC-Link, he or she answers a few questions and
the data is automatically saved on their disk so that subsequent accesses are
as simple as pulling down the sign-on menu and pressing the ENTER key.

“I’m pleased that Tandy is bringing ease-of-use and low cost to the
telecommunications revolution,” commented John V. Roach, chairman of the
board, chief executive officer and president of Tandy Corporation. “An
affordable, easy-to-use on-line communications forum is a vital part in the
future growth and utility of personal computers.”

PC-Link and DeskMate 3.0 software are now available, with prices good at more
than 7,000 Radio Shack Computer Centers, Plus Computer Centers, and
participating stores and dealers nationwide.

Radio Shack Computer Center is a registered service mark of Tandy Corporation.
Tandy and DeskMate are registered trademarks of Tandy Corporation.
PC-Link is a service mark of Quantum Computer Services, Inc.
PC-Link Update is a trademark of Quantum Computer Services, Inc.

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