rACE a biological myth and a social reality.

RACE is a a biological myth and a social reality.

Skin color is an adaptive trait which makes it a terrible classifier.


Two different things happening simultaneously.
Biologically there’s family traits. Genetics can sort that out.
Socially there’s traditions, which now we might call “blackness” and “whiteness” and such.
Then there’s a third thing which is American police making assumptions about people based upon skin color and other similar things.
 Can the effects of racism be eliminated by looking at things your way?
OR, by analogy. Money is a similar fictional construct to race. I can bring together thousands of people who agree that money is fiction just as race is fiction.But does it change anything at present?
 I’m 48. American. I was raised to believe “if you don’t talk about race, it will go away”.Didn’t work. Doesn’t work.
 What happened is substitute words popped up. Ghetto, “inner city”, the “children raised without fathers” trope, “welfare queen”, “animals”, “savages”.So, white people said “pretend race doesn’t exist” while using other thinly veiled code words.Here’s another point: You and I can say: “We won’t talk about race”. But let’s say a black American comes in and says: “Race matters because people are dying TODAY on race”.

Do we look at the black American and say: “Don’t talk about race. It is an illusion.”?

 We don’t have to talk about race. We _CAN_ go through our whole lives pretending it’s nothing.
One might even call it a privilege.

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