r dimensions). If there is…

the idea that we’re not really here, that it is all an illusion, is actually quite true. Sort of. Space isn’t empty but full of “stuff” – a great interconnected web stretching across the universe that we’re all “stuck’ to and live on top of. (that’s the spacetime continuum – Einsteins wonderful amazing idea). But until we can tackle the nature of Gravity, which I’m skeptical the search for t…he Higgs particle will be successful, but open for it to be true – we won’t really know much about the real fabric that we’re a part of. I want to believe gravity stems from a higher dimension that’s “right next” to us but just far enough away that the effects of gravity are less than all the other forces but its why it stretches across the universe. (I love higher dimensions – not so much string theory but other types of higher dimensions). If there is… “

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