Quick review of #strangeul

Quick review of #strangeulationcypher by lil’ ol me. Bet you didn’t know I review new music. I don’t usually talk about it – just share it on #vine – but this one impressed me.

I like all kinds of music. This new release from #techn9ne is fantastic and the #spooky guitar and rock #drum and some very strong #rap #artists makes this a great listen. I don’t pay much mind to lyrics about #conspiracy or who is better etc. It’s the strength and rhythm of the voices and the spooky feeling you get listening to it that I like. The conspiracy lyrics just sells iTunes, Tshirts, etc. They could have sung about wildflowers and sunshine – and if you look past the need to say the N word to prove some kind of point against #eminem – a common target – nevertheless, #strangemusicinc has a very strong release here.

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