Quark Mixing – even without a decent theory, the measurements are very consistant. Ellis.

Quark Mixing. Even though there’s no Theory that works perfectly, nevertheless, the actual _measurements_ are surprisingly consistent. It’s easy for “science geeks” to cheer when something goes “beyond the standard model” but how many take the time to understand what this Standard Model that they’re trying to beat, and _why_ it stays in daily use rather than the novel, book selling ideas that theoretical physicists keep writing? This is from a lecture from John Ellis of Cern. Heavy stuff but it helps show exactly what they _do_ and _don’t know_ and how they *can* keep working on things like “atom smashers” even without a great set of theories to work with.

You don’t need a decent Scientific Theory if the measurements work. You just *use* what you got. That’s Engineering, really.



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