Quantum mechanics is not mysterious. Scientists: Stop saying that to sell your books!

via Kenneth Udut:
Yeah. It’s marketing. Everything that’s supposed to be “weird” about Quantum mechanics I learned on my own in high school. Didn’t seem weird to be then. Definitely doesn’t now. Even without going through the math, the ‘gist’ of the mechanisms of it works perfectly fine in my brain.

Whenever I hear someone on TV or selling a book talking about how “weird it is”, I cringe.

via: Andrei Patrascu
ha, as I followed the articles quite some time already I can tell you what it is usually claimed to be “mysterious” and why it’s not…
1. they miss the fact that quantum mechanics generates probabilities as answers and deals with statistical results, quantum states are generally states of maximal knowledge about the system, not states of the system
2. They miss the fact that measurement updates the knowledge about the system, they claim it’s some sort of “physical transition of our mind” or some other mystical artifacts…
3. They don’t understand that the intermediate states in our calculation are not physical states, they call this “realism” or “non-realism” accordingly, meaning, they think a quantum state, i.e. a probabilistic statement about the system, must somehow correspond to a real physical state, my general example is the statement “give me 2 or 3 eggs” which cannot be answered by a “mysterious” physical state of “2 or 3 eggs” or some even more mysterious physical state of “2 and 3 eggs” at the same time…
4. They wonder why they never measure an object in a superposed state… my answer to that: you might, after enough Vodka… my more serious answer to this question is again, the superposed quantum states are states of knowledge
5. They usually say they measure one thing, act as if they did measure that thing but in fact measure some other thing and wrongly infer some information about what they said they would measure in the first place… these are the “weak measurements”
6. They mistreat the Heisenberg uncertainty relations in many ways, because they learned for some (very wrong) reason that “measurement is the cause of imprecision in quantum mechanics”… This is not so, the algebraic nature of the observables and the way quantum mechanics works are the reason for such an uncertainty
7. They mistreat the double slit experiment by putting all things between the coherent sources and the detectors, resulting in either measuring the momentum and not admitting it or measuring the position and not admitting it, resulting in presence/absence of interference patterns…

my response:

I love how clearly you laid it out here. Yup, that has exactly been my thoughts:

I LOVE how you describe super-imposed. “After enough vodka! they might!”

#3, #6 and especially #2 and #7 get me annoyed most of all.

It felt like seeing my mind in your list. I detest when Quantum mechanics is turned into “woo” by people who are supposed to be Scientists. I don’t care if the general public does it: They can get “woo” all they like. It’s when scientists do it that gets my ire.

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