quantum mechanics *can’t* handle more than one or two atoms as once.

Anthropology may be reducible to sociology, as sociology involves systemic stereotyping (anthropology generates useful stereotypes of subcultures) via statistical analysis typically combined with the storytelling which is also similar to anthropology. There *is* a blurry line between sociology and psychology when considering small groups in sociology and the psychology of groups. It’s likely possible, although it’s like the difference between one or two bodied systems in quantum mechanics and chemistry:

quantum mechanics *can’t* handle more than one or two atoms as once.

chemistry can. They need to remain separate, likely for a long time to come. Even quantum computers with their theoretical ability to crunch larger amounts of data more efficiently might not be quite enough to handle chemistry via standard model up to chemistry.

So it’s best they stay separate. There’s some missing “connecting pieces” between the major scientific disciplines (not so much the minor ones) that need resolution and they’re usually pretty big reasons.

But I think we can PROBABLY reduce the hundreds of disciplines back down to the 5-10 we had 120 years ago.

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