Trump and Giuliani had long been tied to the Russian mob in NYC. Money laundering in NYC – political parties don’t matter at those levels – tied to business and residential real estate holdings were commonplace. Inflating holdings, playing paper-records games – whatever was needed to happen to happen happened. And it’s notoriously difficult for prosecutors to prosecute ANYBODY for any real estate fraud because of the big money and power involved. But now was a chance to get somebody. Trump’s game isn’t anything new or special. OF COURSE he inflated size repeatedly. OF COURSE he got more loan money than he should have. He banked on not getting caught because nobody prosecutes those things: it brings money into the city. But this time was different. A rare opportunity for somebody in NYC real estate to go down for very a common scam.

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“preponderance of the evidence” I think is the phrase for civil trials. I mean, it’s as if it wouldn’t matter what case was brought against him for any reason: for some people it will always and only be ever seen a politically motivated by some people. It’s impossible to get past that. A conclusion before the start and that remains the conclusion, always. No amount of evidence can overcome.

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Who is honest? Who is dishonest? I’m missing something here. I mean, they don’t like Donald Trump. They don’t care about Donald Trump’s supporters. They have a campaign to run. They’ve waited a long time out of diplomacy. Now they’re starting to campaign. This is normal. 100% normal behavior for any Presidential campaign at any time. The court cases are tangents. Sideshows. Did Trump stop campaigning for court cases? Why should anybody else? Clock’s ticking. Get the show going. It’s boring they keep waiting and doing nothing. I don’t care about either campaign. But asking a campaign to wait? For what?

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Creatures definitely live in these woods. A panther killed my pet goat about 12 years ago. Jumped into the cage three times, tore its head off, carried it with it deep into the woods, came back for more. Our chickens have been destroyed by skunks, panthers and bears. And there’s certainly unspeakable horrors beyond human comprehension out there. My 11 yr old ne refuses to go outside here after dark. My answer is: stop thinking in terms of matrix. Live your life. The matrix is a fictional movie made by trans women about living a fraudulent life for the sake of fitting in and that image on top is a meme that exaggerates human choices to some weird dichotomy that does not reflect reality but rather a fantasy some attempt to achieve; making real a fiction. Instead of trying to make a fiction real, be real.

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