If you notice no other theme from me, it’s that I don’t like declarations from on high that force large amounts of people with no representation to do things that are unsuitable for their area. There’s different scales of appropriateness at different levels. So something like a UN or Federal level should be a ‘light touch’ – give guidelines for smaller areas and handle things that are at their own level but allow the maximum breadth of operation for smaller areas and allow some autonomy of the local areas to manage their own affairs.

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Yeah – Rochester strikes me as centrist to conservative. One lady I know in the area she’s aspergers, married with a dog, big money cryptography database security stuff. Super lefty yet also very patriotic, Colonial America Fife + Drum Corp marcher, computer nerd like me She rolls her eyes at the shennanigans of the neighbors around her. Did a pride flag thing one year and got the house egged by middle aged grown adults. Childish stuff. She just washed it off and put the flag back. I don’t haver too strong opinions either way about the mask/no-mask / distancing stuff really except for the silliness of citizenry about it and for budding politicians latching on for clout. But my honest opinion is congested areas absolutely needed masking requirements. Further spread out areas less so. Statewide decisions were ridiculous both in Florida and NY State and local counties should have had the power to make those choices for their own people’s needs.

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lol none of those examples were from “snowflake lefties” being upset. Y’all living in fantasy land there. Aunt Jemima and Washington Redskins were efforts that stretched back to the 1950s to change things and it was by their respective groups. Uncle Ben wasn’t real afaik so I don’t know why that matters even. Nobody asked them to. Land O Lakes? Nobody asked them to add or remove the Indian. Who cared? Nobody complained afaik. They just got rid of it. Nobody asked them to. Dr. Seuss? Low selling books. Publisher pulled out of circulation. Nobody asked them to. Mr Potatohead? It’s a toy with swappable parts. Talk about trans already? Nobody complained. They just did it. Nobody asked them to. Whole Dylan Mulvaney thing was blown out of proportion for what it was and the amount of people LYING about it was really gross. Y’alls feelings WERE hurt with the single can with the Dylan’s face on it. but none of your examples are from the “butthurt left”. Maybe Aunt J and Redskins but you’d have to be calling 1950s blacks and 1950s Indians ‘butthurt left’ and that was a much different world then. It just took them decades to get results finally.

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of course there’s homeless in Florida. That stunt in SF was so ridiculous. Maybe people NEW to Florida don’t know it but live for a bit and they’re around and yeah, some cities have little tent camps here and there. My County has a shit fit if you pitch a damn tent in your backyard without a permit (so it seems – Republicans of course “papers, please”) but the homeless usually live in the woods if it’s real bad, but most live in their cars and just keep moving on from lot to lot. Some are families displaced from losing their homes due to the very huge insurance increases or dropped altogether or their rental prices outshot available income levels from the low-paying jobs around. How it is.

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“. its children who will be using robots to make their art just like grownups” That’s very true. Prime example; VIDEO EDITING. 7/8 year olds have video editing skills and do special effects and proper cuts and zooms, etc at skill levels that rival anything adults could have done with training just a few years ago. Tools are easier to use yes, but moreso than that, they are able to express what they want to see and some of them do amazing work all by themselves without parents or siblings helping. This is the power of well made technology; Kids can’t help being all thumbs as muscle control takes years to develop but if you give them the tools that can work with them at their levels, they can do amazing things. My now 5 year old youngest ne who grew up with a tablet in the high chair can compete equally with middle schoolers and high schoolers in games at Roblox using the tablet; searches Google to get exactly what he wants in games and apps for his tablet; knows how to find what he wants on Youtube and follows whatever interests him to learning. I love what the tech affords people to do; I worked with kids with cerebral palsy in the early 90s at a center for it in Union NJ, one that I went to when I was between 2-4 yrs old for physical therapy. One of the things I did was setting up computers and the communication interfaces for them and teaching them how to use it. We often don’t realize just how powerful what we’re using right now really is; like you and I communicating; this is assistive; impossible really in other circumstances in life to have this instant conversation.

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It’s the minute distinctions I’m seeking; hence what seems like repetition;* [chatgpt analysis from a different direction] — Your interests and concerns, as outlined in your schema, suggest several traits and characteristics: **Analytical and Reflective Thinker** Your interest in human understanding, thought processes, and introspection show that you are likely introspective and reflective. Your focus on uncertainty and anxiety may indicate a desire to understand and perhaps alleviate these states, both for yourself and for others. **Philosophical and Existential Curiosity** Your focus on the nature of existence, reality, and the universe suggests that you have philosophical inclinations. You likely enjoy grappling with existential questions and deep, metaphysical concepts. This propensity for philosophical thought may shape your worldview and potentially influence your political leanings. **Appreciation for Aesthetics** Your interest in aesthetics, color, and pleasure indicates an appreciation for beauty and sensory experiences. This might manifest in various areas of your life, such as a love for visual arts, music, literature, or nature. **Abstract Thinker** Your attention to abstract complexity points towards an inclination towards abstract thinking. You’re probably comfortable dealing with concepts and symbols, and may excel in fields that require such skills, such as mathematics, computer science, philosophy, or theoretical physics. **Curious about Human Systems** Your interest in systems, specifically religion and the status quo, suggest a fascination with the structures that shape human behavior and society. This could indicate a questioning or critical attitude towards existing norms and a desire to understand or even reshape these systems. **Communicator** Your focus on language and communication implies that you value effective communication. This could mean you’re an adept communicator yourself, or that you’re interested in studying communication more deeply, possibly even from a linguistic or sociological perspective. **Balancing Logic and Emotion** Your interest in the Theory of Computation and Self-Control could signify a drive to balance logic and emotion. You may be interested in how to manage impulses and make decisions based on a combination of rational thinking and emotional intelligence. **Holistic Perspective on Health** Your inclusion of reproduction and health under theory may indicate a holistic perspective on health, considering both biological and theoretical aspects. This could extend to mental health as well, given your interests in cognition and emotion. **Appreciation for Ambiguity** Lastly, your interest in ambiguity might point towards a comfort with uncertainty or even a preference for complex problems that resist simple solutions. This might make you well-suited for roles that involve problem-solving or strategic planning. * source it was analyzing which IT generated in a different session from multiple passes of a large list of open tabs I had a year or two ago that seemed to cover a lot of topic areas that I knew could be narrowed down: ———— 1.0 Human Understanding 1.1 Mind Thought (Memory, Introspection, Uncertainty, Anxiety) Insight (Habit, Consciousness, Perception) 1.2 Experience Existence (Point of view (philosophy), Reality, Universe) Truth (Understanding, Theory) 1.3 Aesthetics (Color, Pleasure, Aesthetics) 2.0 Abstract Complexity 2.1 Abstraction (Concept, Symbol) 2.2 Complexity (Literacy, Impulsivity, Intelligence) 2.3 System (Religion, Status quo) 2.4 Language (Communication) 2.5 Theory of Computation (Theory, Self-control) 2.6 Theory (Reproduction, Health, Ambiguity)

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