I snipped it from a longer text showing a dozen or so examples of Africans arriving in the South America long before Columbus. It has the name of the polish professor that found the skeletons shown. You have Google or Bing or whatever’s your thing. If interested you’d search. If you want to debate as if the only universe is you and I and whatever words we pick, then you’re interested in debate, not research.

 I snipped it from
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Robbie Hugland as an ex Mormon, your extreme doubt to historical narrative is completely understandable. My equivalent extreme doubt comes with marketing / sales and people who have something to prove by emotional exaggeration : they are selling me something. The first crack in the armor was at 8 years old when they advertised a toy truck on tv. I realized the child was a midget and he was holding the toy truck at arm’s length towards the camera. And I heard the announcer over excited And I saw the children unrealistically enthusiastic And I thought: and this is a lie and they all know But most of my irritation was for the announcer He was the adult A little later I realized more about marketing So now I understand a little better.

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Jim Æloi Rose i’m sorry about your experiences truly. I bring them up because that’s how schools are. they are NOT some right wing fantasy of indoctrination camps. sometimes I wish they were. Think about it: when has School ever been successful at indoctrination? example: the Pledge of Allegiance. that’s a direct attempt at indoctrination that I’ve ever seen. most schools abandon it by middle school because at that point kids i’m mostly skeptical of the system. and teachers are just as awkward and nerdy as they every were. I belong to a group of middle school math teachers – I’m not a middle school math teacher but I know I probably would’ve been if I was a teacher. they are the same as they always were

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I don’t see why white should have any privileges in the USA. There’s this great network of whiteness that we can tap into if we choose to but if we don’t, then we don’t get as much privilege. But if that network of whiteness is gone and it’s just, well, do whatever people without privilege do to get ahead and succeed, well, what’s wrong with that?

 I don’t see why
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To do a comparison around the same time frame: the charge of conspiracy in the Nurenberg trials, “”Crimes against Peace” was a piece of legislature that was to pin point those people who were responsible for the intentional planning of inhumane actions.” They’d receive 10 to 20 years to a hanging. Carolyn Bryant Donham, interviewed a few years ago, “felt tender sorrow” for Emmett Till’s MOTHER, Mamie when she saw her at her son’s casket, but there doesn’t seem to be any indication of any kind of remorse surrounding Emmitt Till according to the interviewer. With the Nazi’s who escaped trial, the search never ended and when they’re uncovered, they serve trial even today. There’s no statute of limitations. Should there be in this case? Getting the gift of living a full long live invisible to the crime and then being rewarded for achieving long life by a peaceful end? I don’t know. But I don’t see any reason for a reward here. If the family wants punishment and it’s justified by law, then I’m entirely ok with her going to trial and sentencing.

To do a comparison
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I care about the teaching. I know what they’re teaching and what they’re NOT teaching. I also know of a few different efforts to destroy public education as a way to get free money. I’ve been studying school voucher programs since the 1990s. At first, I was ok with the for-profit models and didn’t mind the idea of public funds being diverted for SOME private schools with alternative ideas, both left and right politically, religious and non-religious. But I did not expect the behemoth foundations, interconnected pastors linked with governors, members of the house, organized crime, to sweep up and see business opportunity for profit to take over. I expected standard criminals to set up fake schools and take the money and run. They have and do and some get caught and some do not. But I didn’t expect megachurches to get involved as they have.

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