Artificial intelligence has made great strides in the past few years because there’s been a change in tactics. much of what they do now is taking a ground truth and attempting to model it. It can get very complicated quickly but as it starts from a “complete” something, it’s stands a better chance of success than starting with no template and instead creating out of pure algorithms. The more ground truths, The more patterns it can follow and more ways it can combine.  for us, the more different perspectives we have, the more complete of an outline we can make of a situation or object or event or person or anything. 

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It’s time. This affects 45-50 companies that are not your mom and pop shop and their notion of tax is not at any level that we deal with. They are basically world governments without restraint at this point and the nations of the world WILL LOSE to the multinationals entirely should they give a hard enough shove. It’s easy to criticize governments and the deserve criticism but selling your soul to the company store is worse because there is no one to turn to in case of a problem. You simply don’t have a notion of rights in corporate run zones without governments. So it is a shift but if you have any notion of just how bad the world economy is — this act will be a MASSIVE stabilization effort at minimal cost: like replacing the underlayment of a road that’s crumbling under the blacktop with barely a shift in the blacktop: a magic trick if they can pull it off. And I think they can.

It’s time. This affects
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It really is good. Of course you get the ‘eat only on a dare’ food. Had some of that as a kid at Indian weddings (used to be custodian at my childhood church as a teenager and we’d rent the hall out for indian weddings and I’d hang around for the party). I’d be like “what’s that?” “Oh it’s dessert. it’s sweet. Eat eat”. I eat. It’s sweet and then – BUUUUURNNNNnnn Little no-beard white kid face all beet red, “it’s good… oh tha’ts hot – it’s good”… and they’d give me some kind of coconut drink or something, maybe chai i didn’t know – but it cooled it down a little. They had fun as I tried out things.

It really is good.
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Well, for all that, there were only two deaths and three injuries. Two protesters shot and killed. One protester shot and hospitalized. One police officer hospitalized One firefighter hospitalized. Who did the most damage? Death(s) Two protesters shot and killed Injuries 1 protester shot and hospitalized 1 police officer hospitalized 1 firefighter hospitalized

Well, for all that,
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they do but .. most of what modern AI is good at is modeling things that repeat on a regular basis. it’s a bit of a parlor trick they have a ground truth they then train these systems to match the ground truth and all the wiggle room around the ground truth captures a variety of human variety. so things like faces are mostly predictable. they have ranges. very simple Physics is very predictable so they can imitate universes. but flow? flow is far too complicated yet. they have laminar flow OK. but turbulence is one of the greatest mysteries in the sciences and they had a lot of trouble with it. it’s very difficult to model stirring creamer into coffee they do experiments with modeling folding different colored clay in the 1970s after just a few folds they start losing track they’ve gotten much better in the past 50 years and they can model hurricanes surprisingly well considering their complexity but they’re basically stirring creamer in a coffee cup clouds and things are much more diverse

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