One’s god can be any number of concepts. it can be personal, impersonal, automatic, intervening, part of everyday things… it can be money for one person, a sky dad for another, the “awe and mystery of the universe itself”, the beauty of mathematics, etc we’ve been surrounded by monotheism culturally for a long time with a vaguely similar set of anthropomorphic personalities. but there’s many other gods. we don’t use religious words for them but they occupy the same mental spaces as gods do

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James Gray Yes what I like about David Lewis is it’s a giant spreadsheet with tabs. You can connect anything to anything within that sheet. you can copy that sheet and it can be the same or different. but in his model, you absolutely cannot cross the sheets. they can’t read or write with each other. no formulas can operate between sheets. but on one sheet, nearly anything is possible. that flexibility gives a lot of power because nearly every “what if” can be answered yes. I would say it’s superior to the physics multiverse. it’s a wonderfully flexible construct.

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