In many counties, Georgia’s population is majority black. But the state government is majority white. Atlanta is a very rich and powerful city that is mostly black for example. Brian Kemp, the white governor who seemed to pull out all the stops to squeak a win a few years ago has put in a lot of really weird laws since. So, is some of the laws just put in place to prevent the majority population in many of the counties of Georgia from electing more Democrats next time as they did this time? Probably. Is it just to prevent “the Democrats” from winning in Georgia or is it to prevent “the Blacks” from winning in Georgia? Well, either way, a citizen’s right to vote has nothing to do with color or creed and actions put into play to restrict on that basis is bad.

In many counties, Georgia’s
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Now that I can pull the one sentence headlines describing Wikipedia pages into Google Sheets easily, I extracted a part of my saved bookmarks from 2013-2018 with Wikipedia in it (2000+) and put my first 400+ items from the recent 6-degrees thing I’m doing with yEd, got the headlines, put them into WordStat 8 to find common topics. With 2 topics, it’s clearly “HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY” and “MODERN PHYSICS” (confirmed with ACT-DL dewey decimal classifier. With 6 topics, it was ever more clear. 12 gets really nice, as shown here.

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