Close to goals. I spent a bit of last night working with Octave, an open source MATLAB to get various tools working so I could create and work with cochleagrams / correlelograms, I got over an obstacle this morning, then several others. I created what I had been working towards — and after all that… .. I realized I already had ALMOST what I wanted already. I just had to rotate it. I’ll probably have to stretch it too. Here I combined both ffmpeg’s waveform/acolor with showcqt after rotating both of them. It’s still not exactly it but this view is a decent compromise for the moment.

Close to goals. I
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Well, I see play as a sacred part of life, an activity that all mammals engage in as do other life forms on the planet. It’s the domain of children of all species and as they grow up they continue it but in changed form, which includes such things that game theory likes to touch on such as negotiation, lying, hiding information, leaving false trails, etc. So when I first encountered game theory I was excited. But then I found myself disappointed at learning about something named after something that I consider a core building block of what makes beings who they become (play, games, etc) and is instead a logic puzzle.

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Subtle but satisfying: First dozen notes or so of Fur Elise but through a Gammatone filterbank. I can finally make one myself. For me this is visually satisfying as it is one of the steps towards a cochleagram, which is a moving visual representation of how sound is _perceived_ by the human cochlea, rather than how it is seen through scientific instruments. The gammatone filter is a static visualization of how the human cochlea perceives sound. This means that it “looks like” how you think sound _ought_ to look like because it utilizes multiple bins in the same way that human hearing does, rather than an all-purpose full spectrum transform. Every other tool I’ve seen requires Matlab which I don’t have and while I could approximate similar results using other tools, this is a step towards my holy grail which will eventually be the ability to produce cochleagram videos. I found other python attempts but they were all too old or broken. This one worked with Python 3.5 Windows just fine.

Subtle but satisfying: First
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Nearly every shooting that ends in a death turns into a self-defense narrative almost immediately. The desperate need for “Good guy with a gun” stories is very very high as it justifies a narrative that many people have invested a lot of emotional energy into. That can’t be helped. They will stick with that narrative regardless of facts. That’s not to say good-guy-with-a-gun doesn’t happen at all. It does. Sometimes. This isn’t one of those times.

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Yes! The CWT or correlograms or cochleagram (all the same thing) are an amazing way to illustrate speech. Oh, also goes by the name auditory scene analysis. It took a bit of research a year or so ago to collect all of its various names. I love the graph and how it works.

Yes! The CWT or
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