Thing about narcissists, they crave any attention at all, positive or negative. They expect people to be talking about them even when they’re not around. It’s sort of a positive form of paranoia really. I dunno. I guess I just want him to stop making and breaking things for attention and instead look around what what needs to be done.

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Rich Dad, Poor Dad got big around 2000 and I got it somewhere around that time. Might have been an audible I downloaded to my HandSpring Visor now that I think about it ’cause I know his voice, but I know I had the paperback. Guy was full of crap but entertaining. He knew how to spin a yarn. Basic “The Universe will give you cash if you just avoid paying taxes like me” stuff. Going through notes, I can see I went through the exercises AGAIN around 2010 – probably a desperate moment, looking for any answers and that book was laying around. I think it was one of those “four ways to make money in america” things: stocks, real estate (and the basic starting process with that), run a business, run a few businesses, buy and sell businesses. 5 ways. Whatever. But yeah. How to be a “rich idiot”.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad
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