I’m a dope that actually believes the American dream _is_ theoretically possible if only we could get a handful of asshats out of power positions that don’t belong there. Pushing through the systemic barriers like this gains my greatest respect and I’m hoping to see the day where things are equal enough that America’s an alright place to live for anybody here.

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A lot of sports medicine works with Fascia and other structures. As it’s indirect communication (nerves are embedded but it’s the movement of these structures themselves that can transmit, much like hitting a tabletop to knock off a glass that’s sitting at the edge of the table) – it can get neglected by primary care physicians who focus on things you can pinpoint and not systemic problems. One of the reasons fibromyalgia was neglected for so many years is that it was hard to pinpoint for example.

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I’d never thought of canons in that way. I always thought of a canon as a “strictly repeat the leader”. But no, it’s far more than that. There are many types of canons, the most interesting to me is Piano Phase for how the canon works. Thus, now I can see it. It’s not just “imitate these notes” but “imitate according to these rules” and those rules are from outside of the system but also govern the system and how it unfolds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQihuaedvSU

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Black people are not a threat. I’ve been following this story since it broke, reading every story I could find but I hesitated mentioning it yet. I saw a picture of the neighbor who is an older black man who called the NON-EMERGENCY number hoping for a gentle “is everything ok, neighbor?” housecall, which is what he was SUPPOSED TO DO. Not sneak around the house. Not shoot the homeowner. Not go through with his camera to find a legal handgun that was ALL THE WAY in her BEDROOM, far away from her, not AT ALL ANY kind of threat to the officer, and documenting it to cover his ass. What are you NOT SEEING? The name of the officer. A picture of the officer. But you see a picture of the black neighbor, who didn’t do a damn thing wrong IF an officer didn’t respond who saw black people as a threat. I’m sharing this post because of this one line: Black people are not a threat.

Black people are not
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