Good question and not sure. i know when I get a notion that feels novel and groundbreaking, I run with it, if i have the time/energy/space/resources to do so, until its run its course. Usually I have an output of some kind – something I can show. I think it used to be called a deliverable? I dunno. It’s usually nothing much but it’s mostly to prove to myself that “I was there and did this thing about that new something”. But then there’s the late stage capitalist guilt of “yeah-but-how-profitable-is-this?” which is good at killing ideas before they have a chance to cross over. The winning thing though is based on my own sense of novelty-to-myself, so the late-stage-capitalist guilt doesn’t pick the winner but it does shoot down a lot of potentially good candidates just the same before they have much of a chance to see the light of day.

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