Humility is often viewed as the absence of pride. Pride is often about competition and competition is not a virtue. Competition keeps people at the same level. It’s “fighting in the mud”. There’s no hierarchy in competition, outside of artificially constructed hierarchies, corporate charts and such. Humility steps outside of flat competition and frees you of it. You can ascend by this freedom by it not mattering to you if you do.

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I was disappointed at first that I was so close to norms, but in a way, that’s a good. It shows that I’m not excessively removed from humanity, that I can understand and relate and explain in ways that can be understood. It also says good things about humanity: That we may be far more creative than we are given credit for, that “that random average guy over there” may secretly have dreams of being a great musician or that puzzling out how to hold their household or business together requires as much creativity as you or I.

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