Wow, this ONE video cleared up so much for me. I’ve SO MANY different ways that folks write LOGIC that I don’t even BOTHER trying to read it. But this SINGLE video showed me how they’re all saying the SAME THINGS. All that different notation isn’t logical to me but every field has its favorites from their own traditions I guess.

Wow, this ONE video
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I found a free “Logic Minimizing” tool called “Logic Friday”. You can enter gates OR Truth Tables OR Equations and it uses a heuristic (best guess) to minimize redundant circuits. NOR gates have fascinated me for years because of how their truth tables work, especially when layered. My first experiment is with 4 4-input NOR gates that narrow down through 1 4-input NOR gate to produce 1 function (output). What’s it gonna do? No idea.

I found a free
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The assumption is: “WE CAN PREVENT TRAGEDY IF ONLY…” and loads of solutions pop up for that. If it’s about guns, it’s “gun control” or “arm teachers”. And that’s fine. Have the debates and all that. But MEANWHILE, for all the attention drawn to and away from Parkland, two students (also citizens) who survived a disaster committed suicide this week. Ball got dropped. Who will look into it? Nobody.

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Legislatures are willing to legislate in additional requirements and additional regulations for “beefing up security” (without funding) for the front end and meanwhile pretending a back-end aftermath doesn’t exist. Local sheriff’s departments hold regular “shooting drills” with various unknown levels of effectiveness and unknown short, medium and long term consequences. This holds true for just about every state in the union. Thanks to volunteer activism efforts since Columbine ’99, grief counseling is a stable response, so in the immediate term, there’s assistance. But as weeks and months go on, life is supposed to go “back to normal”, all forgotten. But it’s not. Anniversary comes up. As anybody who has suffered a trauma knows, anniversaries of traumas repeat, year after year, putting you mentally and emotionally in the same states you were in a year, or two, or five years prior. Quick bandaids on broken bones. Duck tape won’t fix everything.

Legislatures are willing to
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