I remember this case from 2014. I may not like a lot of Republican type stuff, but this one is a good cause. I don’t mind the IRS’s budget balancing activities generally. I also think “structuring”is a crime that has contributed SIGNIFICANTLY to the US govt debt, although not as much as Republicans in this administration. But their forfeiture tactics went overboard. They stopped but, like a few hundred immigrant kids in limbo still after zero-tolerance fiasco, not every business got justice yet.

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Me on 3/4/1994. (to rec.music.makers.piano) I had opinions then about pianos. I forgot all of these opinions :) “Over last weekend, went to some piano stores to play, along with a friend. Grands. (please excuse my spelling) Young & Chang —> Hm.. not terribly pleased with the sound, but I liked the way that the grand had speedy fingering available. Wurlitizer —> Played a 6’4″. Mid and upper range was fine, bass was very booooooomy. and “wumpy” Kawai —> Loved it! Has a VERY distinct sound to it. You can tell every note apart upon hearing it, even when playing some usually blurry sounding stuff. The action is much heavier than I’m used to, but then again – I’ve practiced on a 1963 “Bamburger’s” upright for most of my 22 years in life! Boston —> Loved it! Perfect action… very smooooth sounding. Not as crisp as the Kawai, but it is a very romantic sounding piano. Designed by the Steinway people, this 6’4″ grand was. Price was: List: $21,000 This place “Chopin Pianos” in New Jersey, was selling it for only $16,800! They are the only place that discounts Steinway pianos, although Steinway will be forcing them to stop the practice in a few months. They didn’t have any Steinways in stock for me to play, though. I am torn between the Kawai, as it is very crisp, which is wonderful for my type of playing, but it will take me some time to get used to the heavier action… and the Boston, which is a perfect blend of everything, just like the Steinways are famous for. Also, I will shortly be playing a Fandrich upright. Anyone interested in hearing what I find out when I do? ” Timothy Fugmann is that friend :)

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Back in 1994, I went “piano hopping” and played pianos across the NY/NJ area with a friend who wanted us to start a music label. I got to play so many amazing pianos. My favorites were an “Upright Grand” called the Fandrich, which was new (1994-ish) and I talked to Barbara Fandrich and a lady who lived in another county, let me in her house to play it for an hour or so. The other favorite was playing a Bosendorfer grand piano with an extra octave at the bottom. It was SOOOO long. I played it on the 22nd floor of a Manhattan office building. No idea how they got it up there. I wrote reviews of both in rec.arts.piano and one got translated into Portuguese for a Brazilian piano magazine, which was exciting.

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