Interesting thing: 45 mins ago, ne comes out with a Canadian penny. He’s all proud of having a Canadian penny. Wants to know the exchange rate. We look it up. Have a discussion about the composition of it – I notice it’s light and has some shiny zinc showing so he agreed with my conclusion that perhaps there’s an atom thick layer of copper on the outside, like the US penny, and that’s about it. So, Canadian exchange rate is topic.

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Florida received a lot of support after Hurricane Irma but not unprecedented. Hurricane Katrina probably received the biggest response. “By Sept. 7, 2005, nine days after Katrina made landfall, operations included 17,417 active-duty troops, 42,990 National Guardsmen, 20 U.S. ships, 360 helicopters and 93 military planes, according to a Congressional Research Service report” and that’s only counting military response. I hope Puerto Rico gets the response needed. Category 5 would have devastated anybody.

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