Strange thought crossed mind: If I were a photon, I would want to reach a nose. Hear me out. To start, If I were a photon that wanted to reach the inside of the back of a skull, I would want a way in. I would want an eye. But I would want as many of my fellow photons to get in there too, so I might want two, one for each polarization of light. My left and right circular polarization would get equal opportunity. But what would left and right look like to a photon, who does not have a ground-plane to establish left and right? Like perpendicular. Left = (up and down). Right = (left and right). (minus -) = UP AND DOWN. (positive +) = LEFT AND RIGHT. But then, I wouldn’t want each polarization to get confused as they entered the head, because not all would go straight in. What about those photons trying to enter from the sides of the outside of the head? They’d miss out wouldn’t they? And for that, I might invent a nose. More fellow photons can get in from a lot of directions into the round head to reach inside, while also keeping left and right distinct from each other. [No, we don’t have one eye for each polarization. I’m just thinking theoretically]

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