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What sways you?

salience. it has to grab my attention.

Is that “thing” something good or bad?

I prefer to go towards good. Bad overwhelmingly tries to grab me on an ongoing basis so I have to constantly fight it.

Is it something which will suit many others?

I attempt to translate in a way that will help others. I feel like an alien but I try.

Can you tell the difference?

historically not always. being somebody who is sometimes good with words, I used to believe myself to be clever and sometimes still do. I came up with a little quips. they felt significant and people respond positively.

but it’s the people that are likely to agree with it or be polite that responded positively. this is a fallacy that’s common. so I work at it over the past number of years. but I still fall into the trap of thinking i’m universal sometimes. that’s why I keep a diverse friends online. it reminds me and is a challenge to try to bridge.

Forget individual as universal through training. How do you work?

Life project there. still at it.



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