Python is formative.

Python is formative. I’m 44 now. When I was 12-15 – somewhere around there, our local PBS station would play Monty Python’s Flying Circus every week. I watched it religiously.

One weekend, they had a marathon.. over like four days. We had a VCR – amazing stuff at the time to capture what’s on TV and not have to pay for it. So, i recorded them all. Stayed up 72 hours to keep changing tapes. Watched them all several times, showed friends. Then I brought the tapes to college to show more people.

The stuff’s timeless.

Yeah, John Cleese was always my favorite. I also saw all of Fawlty Towers just about – just for him… and of course all the Python movies…
=You know of VCRs! Awesome. I love my DVR now though: Much better than VCR.. and of course streaming movies – we got a Roku streamer too… niece streams via XBox… things are definitely better now.

and I love that John Cleese keeps staying relevant, getting up and speaking his mind about whatever and making sense.


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