Purity of sciences leads to the humanities and then back again to sociology.

Anytime you see a study about sociology, psychology, biology, chemistry or physics, it _always_ ends up here.

[of course it’s really quite ridiculous – they are different fields for a good reason: they CAN’T be folded together without losing something significant in each of them. If they could be, they would be one would think… but instead what we find is more and MORE sciences coming out… not fewer and fewer]

And of course math likes to hold the shiny apple… but then after that, you get the Linguists… and up the humanities ladder it goes until it ends up back in sociology.



It does… well.. it tries. But mathematics doesn’t work as well in some fields as it does in others. Mathematification of psychology works ok in CogPsych but less so in Psychology. Mathematics doesn’t work very well in biology, which involves a lot more storytelling. Actually, outside of physics, mathematics correlates less and less well as you go to the left as it increases the amount of interpretation required.

Sociology is an exception though. Sociology probably where it _could_ go “around the bend” and touches mathematics well… but then the things that it’s connecting together via mathematics is up to a lot of category issues.


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