Publishing is simple. So is marketing. Success is easy. But how do you want to do it?

hanks my friend!  I’m still plunging forward into nowhere but I’m doing it as efficiently as possible :P  I’m hoping I get all the strings tied together in this strange tapestry.

I did this: as a test last year, not to sell but to understand the process.  To me everything is a series of steps.  One day I thought, “Ok, let’s imagine I wrote THAT PERFECT BOOK THAT WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING! – how would I get it ‘out there’?

And so I challenged myself to publish an ebook in 45 minutes.  I got it done in an hour and 15 minutes, learning the process as quickly as I could, avoiding the whole “stress factor” that I would get if I had my 100% heart in it.

Emotions can get in the way so much when wanting to accomplish something and if you can imagine that instead of being difficult, “What if this was really simple and fast?  How would I do it if I didn’t give a shit about the results being perfect?”

So, if I did write that perfect book, I know the only missing step would be one: marketing – which requires a lot of hyperbole, bs on my part, and “playing the game”.

I suppose I could get an underground persona and make it one of those “grassroots” mystery situations.. distributing my texts via secret ipv6 websites, covert hidden forums, via manifestos, an awesome logo, some mysterious youtube videos spread around… tying it together to some popular music or video games…  I mean, that’s easily done.

I just don’t want to feed into paranoia.  Too easily tapped… too dangerous a route.  People believe too readily.

I could toss in some ancient aliens connections and grab a really big segment of the population… throw in some government conspiracies… but it’d all be BS… and I’d want people to think more clearly, not more muddled.

sigh – I’m still hopeful.  Meanwhile I’ll just keep catching the butterflies that show up in front of me, and gently toss them behind me, as they self-organize into some amazing structure/process behind me that I can’t see until I’m ready to turn around and look.

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