Public School doesn’t compare to ISIS. There’s no beheadings thankfully, so this comparison isn’t a fair one by any means. HOWEVER: Consider some of the little things that made them happier: Choice. School Uniforms = women being forced to wear Burkas. Smoking cigarettes. [not saying that SHOULD be a right but when I was very little, I remember some of the older kids in middle school smoking outside during lunch. Hard to believe now: this was the early 1980s, but it’s true]. Beards. [think how kids aren’t allowed to color their hair or have certain styles and must conform to a limited amount of styles] Is it the same? No. It’s not. It’s no a fair comparison at all. Public school ISN’T ISIS. But that being said… consider how powerful removing someone’s choice on their looks is to people and how disheartening it is when you don’t have that choice.

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