Public School: But are they thriving BECAUSE of the systems in place or IN SPITE of?

“I suppose the rest of you are children of charter/private education:”

I was both. I went to public from K-8th grade. I did fine grade-wise. It was a good public school system.

But, it wasn’t for me. I’m 1/2 deaf and 1/2 blind but you wouldn’t know it by looking at me. 2nd grade teacher did not listen either me when i said I needed to sit near the front and left so I could see and hear her. She kept putting me in the back, right hand corner of the room.

I got my mother involved. SHE spoke to the teacher. at the first parent/teacher meeting. Teacher didn’t listen, even though mom produced doctor’s notes about my hearing and vision.

So, mom escalated it to the principal, who made her move my seat and by December, I was in the proper part of the classroom and my performance went back up to 1st grade levels.

That teacher wasn’t around next year. [I doubt I was the only kid with issues with her]

That’s just a small example of the “one-size fits all” mindset.

I could give other examples.

8th grade, in my public library (I was there a lot after school to avoid certain kids who had it out to get me and the library was neutral sacred territory], I came across “Summerhill”, “Unlearning”, “Why Johnny Can’t Read”, and I read through them all, completely fascinated that there WERE alternatives out there.

Told my mother about it, all excited. She found a scholarship program to a small private school that she thought I might like. It sounded good to me. I had to write a few essays, take some tests, do some interviews, and ended up with a full scholarship to a private school with tiny classes, K-12, and that was my high school.

The Vail-Deane School Alumni

I graduated with 13 kids in my entire class. The school had a total of about 200 people in it, including teachers and staff and went from 4 yrs old to 19 yrs old and there was frequent interaction between grades.

So, I’ve been with both systems. Now, some people ARE suited for public school. They thrive in it. It works great for them! And you know, good for them.

But are they thriving BECAUSE of the systems in place or IN SPITE of?

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