prudence, layer-cake of truth


  • Sieves. Layers, The thin layer of “what is distinctly human about our brains” is 6 six cell thick layer of icing on our pudding filled skull cake.

    It’s not that Truth is necessarily *entirely* relative. There’s a series of sieves for Truth, and they
    sift down and up and side-to-side.

    Like sifting for gold, sometimes they come up with Nothing… yet the gold might be stuck in one of the sieve layers.

    The measure lacking in both the objectivist and subjectivist position alike is that of Prudence.

    They have prudence for their own position as it were (leaving things unsaid for the sake of strengthening their own position) but not being prudent with regards to their competition.

    There’s a lot to be said for civility. It strengthens one’s argument immeasurably beyond any attempt at mathematical equivalence.

    Then again, Im a bit of an ironist myself…
  • Kenneth Udut Of course, the biggest trouble with a relativist position, imo, is a basic one: Making statement that 1<>1 (or 1 !=1) by using a 1=1 argument. [everything is relative… except the statement “everything is relative”… which is absolute


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