Prove every obsolete theory to be true.

Prove every obsolete theory to be true.
Kenneth Udut
9/25/2013 8:55 AM

Prove every obsolete theory to be true.

Being proven wrong is a wow tnx Sebastiaan 105

For your book, name every single person you have ever talk to with no restrictions. Then when you are published, mentioned that there in the book.
And the author of every post you have ever read in your history file

And the author of every piece of software you have ever used.

And every book you have ever read

Every name with any association to you that you can think of or find.

Also, maps of everyplace you have ever been.

Use mc names first.

And a 2nd edition for the rest.
Why? Identify your audience.

They are part of my audience.

Magnetism is the pinch, and the part between the polarity is the folds an edge

Whining sounds like air escaping from a balloon who’s next is being squeezed, because that is exactly what it is.

You were letting go of your expectations slowly, holding and letting go alternately. When you are holding and letting go at the same time, it comes out in a noise – is squeak.

Hysteresis How oil is made. The gap.

Take all dimensionless scslar vectors and find out what do they all have in common.

I’m rubber your glue find contrasts.

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