Prostitution? Legalize it? Sure. But regulate it and watch out – Pimp Ken and Ho Barbie will follow if they do!

I wouldn’t want to see a prostitute, but I’m not a sexy kind of guy anyway.

But I’d rather see a regulated industry, at least in cities.

Parents would probably not be too happy if their little girls were getting Ho Barbie and Pimp Ken as gifts. [for once it’s legalized, the toys legitimizing it as a career choice will soon follow. Such is culture]

But in general, I don’t see the harm. Legitimize, collect tax revenue, have pimp and ho training classes. I’m not being sarcastic; I believe in it. It’s not for me; it’s not my thing. But I’m not against other people pursuing it, so long as they do no harm as it were.

I also think if people want to complain about it, say it’s wrong, and stand a legitimately far enough distance away from the prostitution businesses to protest, or use standard shaming tactics, then by all means they should also be allowed that privilege. Everybody’s got a right to be an asshole in their own way

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