A programmers mindset is a unique way of looking at the world that is above and beyond looking at the surface of things.

It is the capability of seeing everything in terms of loops and cycles, structures, boundaries, connectivity, networks, neurons. Many related interests are found in people of this caliber. Ecology, computer programming, roleplaying, fiction and fantasy, engineering, musicians, artists, film-makers, actors… the list can go on.

Or a hacker’s mentality. That’s another way of putting it.

Or an engineering perspective. But engineering always makes me think of steel and concrete.

Or I could say you have the capacity to visualize potentialities and have the ability to actualize those potentials given enough time, tools and energy.

Or… the heart of a poet and the hands of a craftsman.

For more information, see:

Systems Theory #systemstheory

*inspired by a conversation on another thread, and it is, in particular a response of mine to @105933309162761637527 but equally applies to all on my very short list of people who fit in this category. If you have to ask, the answer is yes, you are in it. If you already know you’re in it, even better. If you think you couldn’t possibly be in it, you are in it.

The fact that you are considering that you might be in it or might not be in it, shows that you’re in it. Because you are thinking about what the ‘it’ is… which means you know or are curious about ‘what it is’ and belong here already.

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