Professional/Managerial Performance Appraisal Accomplishment Summary/Development Objectives

Kenneth Udut: Programmer Analyst


Worked very closely with BIC (specifically DIG) in taking a process that previously took over three (3) weeks, and automating it down to 15 minutes.  Trained others in the use of the Macro that I programmed, which produces an interactive report that is being used across the country by users whose knowledge of Excel is quite limited.


Currently working on a “push button” solution to the weekly Clarinex reporting


Currently working on a “push-button” solution to the weekly Peg-Intron reporting.


Worked on initial concept stages, layout and design of a very popular report that is sent to the field monthly. [Field Forces 03, 08 and 28]

5. MSEI GRID Reports

From concept stages, to automation, this set of reports I’ve produced customized versions for several Schering and Key field forces.  The “MSEI Grid” portion that I created has become a standard in Schering-Plough, seen in many reports, even beyond BIC.

6. Outlet Level Sales Reports / Kaiser Reports / CMOP Reports

These are the main representatives of a large group of reports which I used to handle manually, but no longer.  I wrote an add-on for Excel which allows them to take any large list of data, and “sort and split” the data, into separate Excel workbooks, by any criteria they wish.  This saved several hours of work.

7. District Performance Reports

FF03, 08, 28, 39.  From raw data to final reports, a single Product in a Single Field Force used to take nearly four weeks, but now reports for several products in several field forces can be produced in a matter of several hours from receipt of raw data, through quality control and final reports.  In use for two years now, as it is one of the first Macros that I wrote.

8. Daily Support

Supported the entire BIC team – and at times beyond – in questions of Excel usage, Access and comtimes general computer problems.  Trained others in the use of formulas and procedures, which ahve made the portion of their work lives that is spent in Excel and Access, much easier.



FOR PERFORMANCE: I would like to receive training on project organization, especially with regards to prioritization, management of time, and management of workload.

FOR KNOWLEDGE: Data Warehousing concepts [e.g.: OLAP] and other tools [Microstrategy 7, although not exclusively] which ultimately produce reports (whether static or dynamic, electronic, or paper based) that have a direct impact on the business.  This is what I currently do, using the tools of MS Excel, MS Access and Visual Basic for Applications, but as more tools become available, I would like to be able to make use of them to satisfy the needs of the Business Information Center, and Sales Force Information and Deployment Strategy teams.

FOR SKILL: Formalizing VBA training.  I am self-taught and continue learning using my own resources.  Since most of the VB code I write drives a number of the Business critical applications, I would like to be formally trained.


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