Processing Motion: Using Code to Teach Newtonian Physics

YES! Thinks like I do. Took long enough to find this.

“The Triangulation Model.

What are concepts?

A concept is a theory of a category .

Categories are a set of items and concepts store the constraints used to delineate category membership.

Specifically, concepts are theoretical categories based on exemplars, abstractions (e.g. prototypes), and causal relationships. Insofar as our prior knowledge is theoretical, it is also malleable.

Theoretical knowledge can change when triangulated with observed evidence and hypothetical knowledge. A hypothesis can be proffered without any evidence. Observations can be checked for similarity without a hypothesis. But neither alone can change our mind. As for the mind itself, I am not precisely sure what it is. At the very least, it contains a likelihood calculator which requires three input parameters: theoretical knowledge, hypothetical knowledge, and observational evidence. ”

M. Ryan Massey, 11-9-2017? I like your dissertation so far.

Future research, your mentors and advisors:

Graduate Advisor, Keith W. Miller


Charles Granger
Cody Ding
Gualtiero Piccinini

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