Problem wasn’t the hacking. Stuff happens. Problem was ignoring it. Wouldn’t matter where the hacks were coming from. Insecure is insecure and needs buttoning up.,

Problem wasn’t the hacking. Stuff happens. Problem was ignoring it. Wouldn’t matter where the hacks were coming from. Insecure is insecure and needs buttoning up.,

With virus stuff happening, having to physically touch everything just seems weird. People coughing on paper, touching paper things, watching people do things from a few feet away.

I’m almost at a point of giving up. Getting too complicated. Just let whoever can pay for things run things. It sucks being a citizen having to go through mazes just to express an opinion and having a chance of having it matter.

They won.

I know the US system is bad and corrupt and has been my whole life. I’m just used to politicians at least pretending to return to the citizens some level of functioning society instead of taking all the money and power for themselves. The greed is staggering and I watch people’s opinions moving around in “common buckets” : if a person has opinion a) they probably have opinion b) c) and d) as well, but they might differ on e) and f). but will have g) in common, etc. … and it’s frustrating.

I’m going to focus on my math and ai stuff I think. Whatever politicians do, they do. I’m in a powerless position and will do my little vote and hope it counts for something when it’s time.

In the USA, white people are supposed to focus on economic issues only and ignore race and gender and religion and non-economic class issues.

Everything is supposed to tie back into income and only income.

I was raised to believe that people who bring up race are just being noisy. People who bring up gender are just being noisy.

I’m supposed to ignore those things because they’re just being silly when there’s real important stuff to focus on instead.

But, how I was raised was wrong.


Now I am supposed to call anything not economics “identity politics”. I’m supposed to call anybody who talks about them an “SJW”. I’m supposed to refer to them as lilberal or the left and bad for America.

This is what I’m supposed to be doing right now.

I’m not, but I’m supposed to be.


I see nothing noble about people being forced to vote in person wearing masks – or risk viral infections.

The voter fraud is in preventing voting. But it’s more fun to pretend there’s massive extra voting happening, when there never is for all the times they’ve checked. But the myth carries on while actual citizen humans are prevented and discouraged from voting.

And we make excuses for it and believe it’s all ok because we’re preventing 1000 busloads of non-citizens from storming voting polls unseen and secretly voting en masse in some imaginary crackpot right wing fantasy dystopia.

Meanwhile people risk dying for their one little vote instead of processing their one little vote by mail like a human and humane system does.


THIS should not have to be Voting by mail is tried and true, “corruption” checked in how the system is done, and during and afterwards constantly.


But we make excuses for it. Powerful people said this is ok so it must be ok. But no, it’s not.


 I don’t know what media you’re talking about. I don’t watch TV.I know I’m supposed to hate this thing called identity politics. Youtube tells me. 1/2 of my followers tell me. Twitter tells me.—

From a distance, Americans judge on skin color/hair, clothing and body shape.

A police officer quickly decides. Non police officers do too.

Bank accounts are invisible and only matter in the safety of protected bubbles such as homes and airplanes and safe spaces.

Outside on the street in the real world, nobody knows your bank account from afar.

You can pretend all that matters is invisible bank accounts. But it’s the opposite of that. Entirely opposite of that.


You can find extremes of course. But there’s a lot inbetween white west virginia stereotype and a singular black president of the usa stereotype






In Tuesday's Wisconsin primary, Republicans will literally kill ...


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