(Principle or theory) – (Relationship) – (Topic)


(Principle or theory) – (Relationship) – (Topic)

(learning and development) – (theory of mind) – (cognitive psychology),
(quantum entanglement) – (quantum mechanics) – (emergent consciousness),
(energy conservation) – (conservation of energy) – (turbulence),
(time perception) – (Fourier analysis) – (damped harmonic oscillators),
(emergent consciousness) – (complex systems theory) – (catalysis)

  • (Principle or theory) – (Relationship) – (Topic)

#ChatGPT helping me expand and fill out a list of unconnected ordered topics I pit together a few years ago using some cross-cutting principles between fields of study.

The original list I made years ago which was intentionally distantly connected was:

Data-conversion, Surface-Chemistry, Viscosity, bond-graph, analogical-models, resonance, Time, Holism, Numerical-cognition

Which I asked to generalize and it gave,

Information processing or representation
Chemical reactions and interactions
Fluid dynamics and transport phenomena
Energy flows and relationships
Mathematical modeling and simulation
Oscillatory systems and dynamic behavior
Temporal phenomena and concepts
Emergent properties and holistic systems
Numerical cognition and arithmetic ability

And took a lot to convince it to go across the fieldS of study.

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