Prince EA can be inspirational for many people (I’ve enjoyed one or two of his videos) and he’s more of a word poet than anything. But he did a video on depression that the “boyinaband” guy (whose name I forget) deconstructs. Prince EA is sincere – no doubt about that – but it’s possible to be sincere with good intentions and also be mistaken. I hope Prince EA keeps inspiring people but there may be some topics that he should be a little more thorough on, considering his position of influence. Of course, it’s also possible that boyinaband is a little envious because Prince EA’s video on “putting school to trial” is becoming popular and might overshadow his own “don’t stay in school” and “you don’t have to go to school” videos. Who knows? Maybe they can work together. They both have their hearts in a good place with good intentions. Whaddaya say and Prince Ea ? Partner up? via

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