Primal Star Scientific Religion :)

I made a Scientific-based Religion a few years ago. Basically, not so much worshiping but being thankful to the Primal Star (the one before our Sun) that went Supernova, along with the Giant Molecular Gas Cloud that it ran into, along with Gravity.

Those three things together, well, made up all of the elements that literally make US, the Sun, Earth and all that, possible.

Forget the Big Bang – too far away.

We’d sing songs every week based on the latest scientific research and the hymns would be entirely upgradable depending on ‘what’s new’… and each week would be centered around being grateful for various scientific concepts that make us here and possible.

Nothing supernatural required, just a whole lot of very specific “Thanks!”

One week could be all about Gravity.
Another week all about Pressure.
Another week all about Inertia


Your thoughts? I don’t think I’ll ever pursue it, but if you ever see someone 30 years from now who is doing it, you can say, “Hey! I knew I guy who thought it up first smile emoticontongue emoticon

It would keep the more militant atheists from fighting over silly things and just being thankful for something.

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