primal star goes supernova. Creates some of the elements

The part of the Universe I concern myself with is:

primal star goes supernova. Creates some of the elements heavier than iron. Crashes into a large molecular gas cloud to make the rest of them. Then static electricity brings together some loose stuff, then gravity takes over…

..and the rest is those animations you saw in grade school.

It makes up all the elements that are LITERALLY here for us, including us, and our sun and shit.

Anything that’s before that? Don’t care really.


Primal star. It’s as far as I want to go really in Time. It’s more or less confirmed via the elements. It works. It’s us. If someone wants to say, “The first light in genesis was the primal star”, they can go ahead. If they want to say, “genesis just got the order of things a little off, but they were basically talking evolution” – I’m cool with that.

If someone wants to say, “bunk” to genesis, they can too. Doesn’t matter to me. I’m just grateful some star blew up, smashed into a dust cloud, formed together and somewhere along the line, here I am.

If some want to blame God or Big Bang or Eternal reoccuring universe for it, they can.


I think we underestimate “what intelligence is” though. I don’t think we’re particularly special; but I’m grateful to be human in any case.


I’m still glad SETI runs. It’s inspirational. I guess I advocate some kinds of scientific silliness that costs money because it makes a nice substitute religion and really, the old ones are kinda old and could use a new one, so why not?



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