Prevention of suffering is a dangerous slide to go down though

Prevention of suffering is a dangerous slide to go down though. I’m pro-choice for a nation – and even helped pay for an abortion-for-financial-reasons-only once for a friend – because I valued our friendship.
It felt like blood money but I didn’t hesitate. I still think about it from time to time. But for myself? In that situation? I’d do what it takes to save a life that was under my *direct* responsibility.
I was born JUST before legalization of abortion. I was born at 6 months. Legally blind in one eye, deaf in one ear, diagnosed with cerebral palsy.
Yet, here I am. I entered kindergarten with everybody else because of physical therapy and if I really *did* have cerebral palsy, there’s no trace, and I never considered myself disabled nor do I appear to be so, outside of wearing glasses and going, “What?” once in a while. I can fake normal.
Had it been legal? Would I be here? I don’t know.

While I wouldn’t legislate “life for all” WITHOUT ALSO providing the means necessary to CARE FOR ALL. [where’s the decent / any orphanages? and foster care systems are a bad joke worldwide but there’s not much alternative]…. at the same time, “eliminating suffering” by prevention of birth seems quite ridiculous.

But, it’s inevitable. The genetic stock who decide not to procreate will die out, leaving behind those who chose to have more kids. It’ll eventually change the balance of power in the world. Never understood planned future suicides but, so be it. Not my planet. I just live here.

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