Pretty much. We live vicariously through the victories of others, real or imagined.

Pretty much. We live vicariously through the victories of others, real or imagined.


They’re also cures for boredom. Too much free time, life is too safe but we don’t want to give up our safety yet we also want to relieve our boredom.

So we turn to safe rollercoasters, watching sports, watching movies, playing video games (or watching let’s play videos of others).

Out of the bunch I listed, roller coasters are the least safe of all but it falls in the same set.


In fact, look at the list:

Violent movies/shows (think Game of Thrones)
Violent video games (think Call of Duty)
Violent sports (like MMA and football)

None of them are violent in the least.

Special FX
Professional actors and professional sports players.

Nearly totally safe for both the makers and the consumers. Entirely imaginary.

Tom & Jerry is as popular in 2017 as it was in the 1950s.

Why is that?

It’s probably the most violent cartoon ever made and people still love violence.


What I’m wondering is: Do you believe that TV/movie, video game or sports (rule-based with safety regulations) leads to more genuinely (acting out criminal acts) violent people?


Can violence be eradicated? Sure. I believe it can.


Good. I was hoping you’d say that. “they’ve” been saying [x] entertainment for children is going to make them violent.

In my mother’s time, comic books will make kids violent and want to try sex early. Didn’t make sense to her as a kid and she’d sometimes hide in a tree to read her comic books.

I got to hear all about video games/tv/movies make kids violent growing up, implying all kids are stupid. [From TV and stuff, not from my mother, because she already knew most kids are smarter than that]

The thing is: SOME kids (and adults) are stupid, were always stupid, will always BE stupid. But most or all aren’t. By 3.5 yrs old, the line between reality and fantasy is pretty fixed. They know the difference completely. [it’s basic development psychology].

So, if you ever hear a thing where a 9 yr old kills his brother and the defense says, “He thought his brother would come back like in his video games”, it’s BS.






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