Pragmatically, won’t happen.

Pragmatically, won’t happen.
Why? It hasn’t happened yet. Could’ve done it decades ago. They won’t do it.
why doesn’t it happen?
Nobody wants to pay the prices it’ll take to make it happen – and I don’t just mean ‘consumers’.
We’re neoliberal; corporations run America. Food production is one of the largest sectors. Ideally they’d prefer 100% free market; that means, open borders to allow cheap labor to come in unhindered to work at no minimum wage on farms without regulations.
That would be ideal for them.
They can’t get that so the next best thing they do is make sure that immigrants keep working on the farms for the 75% rate, which is still 25% profit guaranteed year after year after year.
You tell ME where else can you get 25% return?
You can’t. But they do.
There’s only one group that ever called for open borders and it wasn’t Democrats and it wasn’t Progressives.
Do you know what group it is? I do. They stopped saying it during Trump’s era but they are the ONLY group that ever advocated for open borders.

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